Separate Yourself from the Pack

"You cannot get ahead while you are getting even."
- Lou Holtz

Years ago a manager told me about an employee who would consistently call out sick the day after his co-worker called out sick. The employee felt that if his co-worker could abuse the attendance guidelines, he could too.

I once worked in an office suite where many co-workers held long personal conversations and spent a lot of time surfing the internet. My initial thought was,"Why should I work hard when they take it easy all day?"

But obviously, that was the wrong question.

The right questions are:

  • "How can I create extreme value?"

  • "How can I do my job with excellence?"

Our goal should not be to be like everyone else. Normal is overrated! Being exceptional means you have to be an exception!

Develop an intense distaste for mediocrity. Strive for excellence with the work at hand. Doing your best at the moment puts you in the best position for tomorrow.

Excellence has its own reward.