Accelerating Excellence Episode 6

The "In Control Personal Productivity System"

Time is the most precious resource we have. In order to live a rewarding and fulfilling life, you need to use time wisely. Are you constantly distracted, overwhelmed and disorganized? 

In this episode, Del takes you through a simple but effective system so that you:

  • Focus on your highest priorities
  • Follow through on commitments and beat deadlines
  • 'Win the Day’ with a daily game plan
  • Have a system to get tasks out of your head and down on paper
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Have a plan to properly address emergencies and interruptions

Accelerating Excellence Episode 5

Discovering and Leveraging Your Strengths
Understanding what your strengths are, developing them and using them in service to others is one of the most important things you can in your life.
People who know their strengths are:

- More confident
- More positive
- More productive
- Have more direction in their life

In this episode, Del explains the key difference between a talent and strength. Del also explores various ways you can discover your strengths.

As usual, this episode is packed with inspirational and practical insights

Accelerating Excellence Episode 2

5 Qualities That Will Put Your Career on the Fast Track
Possessing strong relational skills is a critical factor in professional and personal success. In this inaugural episode of the Accelerating excellence podcast, Del Gilbert will discuss four specific behaviors that will enhance your relational intelligence and increase your influence. You will learn that these behaviors do not come natural, but with intention and training, you can develop the skills.