Accelerating Excellence: Episode 36

Creating a Winning Workplace: 31 Ways to Be Exceptional (Part 1)

Great work cultures don’t happen by accident, they are intentionally created. Establishing high expectations and keeping those expectations top of mind on a daily basis bolsters high-performance. In this episode, Del shares 15 ways to be exceptional with customers and co-workers.

To download the Create a Winning Workplace (Part 1) Resource Sheet, CLICK HERE.

Accelerating Excellence: Episode 32

The 'Win the Day' Action Plan

Annie Dillard has said, “How we live our days is how we live our lives.” A strong life begins with a strong day. In this episode, Del describes how to set yourself up for success each day with the ‘Win the Day’ Action Plan. He explains the best time to plan each day, how to separate priorities from routine tasks and how to infuse enjoyment and order into your life through daily rituals.

To download the How To Set Yourself Up for a Successful Day Resource Sheet, CLICK HERE.
To download the 'Win the Day' Action Plan, CLICK HERE.