What Signal Are You Sending?

A few years ago I was reviewing the results of a 360 degree assessment with a colleague. She was very diligent and regularly put in a lot of hours at work. Therefore, she was very puzzled when some colleagues gave her feedback which indicated that she lacked energy and often appeared fatigued.

She asked me for my observation. I told her that I had consistently witnessed her saying “I’m tired” when asked how she was doing. It hit her like a ton of bricks. She immediately said, “Oh my god! You are right.” She was sabotaging herself.

Are you sending the wrong signals? Everything you do and say sends a message.

  • When you share something that is supposed to be confidential, you are sending a signal that you can’t be trusted.
  • When you regularly complain openly about your boss, you are sending a signal that you are a victim not a leader.
  • When you are unnecessarily critical of others, you are sending a signal that you are insecure by making others look small so you can look big.

What signals are you sending? Make sure they are the ones you intend to send.