Customer Service

3 Ways to Wow Your Next Customer

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubach

I routinely bring my training handouts to Staples for binding. For the last several years, the 3 people who worked there had given me great service. As I walked in this week I noticed someone new behind the counter. I was initially disappointed because I had grown familiar with the previous crew.

My encounter with Amber changed my mindset in short order. She did 3 simple things that all of us should do when interacting with customers.

1. Create a Great First Impression.

Within the first 20 seconds I found Amber to be enthusiastic, personal and eager to serve.

First impressions are like wet cement, you only have a small window of opportunity to make an impression, once it is made, good or bad, it often stays.

2. Exceed Expectations.

As I was bringing my materials in to be bound, I noticed that one of the cover sheets was crooked. When I picked them up Amber had taken the initiative to replace the crooked cover with a straightened one. She had copied a new one herself. She told me it was no charge.

Our customer service experiences are usually pretty ordinary. Most of the time our expectations are met. Very few times are our expectations exceeded.

3. Make it Personal

The address of my website is on the cover sheet of my training materials. Amber noticed the website and visited it. When I came to pick up the materials, she complemented me on the look and feel of the website. She also made a small cardboard sign which included my name, tag line and a quote for my website. She said she thought I could use it for advertising. (Again no charge.)

The goal of any company should be customer loyalty not customer satisfaction. This is done by making an emotional connection with the customer. Amber did just that.

Do you have any doubt where I am going the next time I need work done with my training materials?