Experiences Over Stuff

"Success to me is having those closest to me,
love and respect me the most."

- John Maxwell

A few years ago we had granite countertops installed in our kitchen. The day they were installed I came home from work and thought, 'Wow, the place looks great.' That feeling slowly diminished to the point that a few weeks later, when I came home from work, I barely noticed the new countertops.

Right now I am writing from a hotel in my hometown of Chicago. Every August our family gets away for a long weekend to see my beloved Cubs play at Wrigley Field and enjoy the downtown area. This trip has become one of the highlights of our year, every year.

It's strange, but it seems that material things often diminish in enjoyment over time but experiences and memories expand.

The point of this post is not: don't get granite countertops!

I like 'stuff' just as much as anyone. I have a lot of gadgets. My point is to make sure you acquire experiences, not just stuff.

The most important things in life are not things.