Watch Your Words: What You Say is an Inside Job

"Every time you open your mouth,
your mind walks out and parades up and down for all to see."

- Edwin Stuart

Your words are powerful. Not only do your words have an effect on others, but your words also reveal who you truly are.

Your words can hurt, tear down, and discourage.

  • When you criticize others, you reveal insecurity.

  • When you grumble and complain, you reveal ingratitude.

  • When you blame others, you reveal a lack of responsibility.

  • When you dominate a conversation, you reveal self-centeredness.

Your words can heal, build up and encourage.

  • When you encourage others, you reveal a spirit of generosity.

  • When you compliment others, you reveal kindness.

  • When you apologize, you reveal inner strength.

  • When you give others credit, you reveal humility.

Jesus taught that the words we speak come from the heart. Work on your inside and you won’t have to worry about what comes out on the outside.