3 Reasons To Knock Out Your Workout Early

Over the past several years I have experimented with going to the gym at different times of the day. I always gravitate back to working out first thing in the morning.

Although all of us have different schedules and internal clocks, here are three advantages to working out early in the morning.

1. It gives you an early win. 

How you begin the day sets the tone for the remainder of the day. A strong start increases the prospect for a strong day. Working out early increases your likelihood to eat healthier. It also boosts your concentration and energy levels.

2. It mentally frees you from deciding whether to work out or not. 

Once the day gets started it easy for your mind to debate about whether or not to workout at all that day. Many people start out with good intentions but later in the day something often comes up. It’s easy to find reasons to skip the workout. In addition, research indicates that your willpower diminishes during the course of the day.

3. It’s practical. 

When you workout early in the morning, the traffic is usually better, the gym is less crowded and you need to take only one shower.

Keep in mind your body is the vehicle which enables you to work well, enjoy relationships and live a strong life.