Direct Model


GOAL Worksheet

The GOAL Worksheet is designed to help you clarify why a goal is important as well as a space for steps to take in achieving your goal.

Manager Communication Update

The Manager Communication Update is to be used in preparation for a regular meeting with the person you report to. It will help you structure the conversation in a way that is organized and keep your boss well informed.

The Master Task List

The Master Task List form is "Command Central" for planning your weeks and days with maximum effectiveness.

Direct Report Meeting Form

The Direct Report Meeting Form is to be used with team members who report to you.

Win the Day Game Plan

Daily planning is Step 4 in my 6-Step Personal Productivity Workflow. The Win the Day Game Plan template will help you establish a solid game plan each and every day. I use this form every day.

The Weekly Preview

Planning the upcoming week is Step 3 in my 6-Step Personal Productivity Workflow. While daily planning is zooming in, weekly planning is zooming out. The Weekly Preview template will help you establish your weekly objectives.