Personal Excellence

Self Leadership

Before you can lead others, you need to be able to lead yourself. Leading yourself means having a healthy self-image. Right thinking leads to right actions. Adopting an abundance and growth mindset is essential to your ability to enjoy life, serve others and thrive.

Personal Productivity

We live in a world of distraction and trivia. It is essential that you become clear on your priorities and give your best time, energy and talent to the vital few that bring success. Del's In Control! workshop helps you focus on the important, manage the necessary and enjoy life along the way. If you would like a copy of Del's free ebook, Power Focus, you can get it here.

Discovering and Leveraging Your Strengths

Understanding your areas of giftedness and using your talent in service to others is one of the most important things you can do in life.

Relational Intelligence and Communication Skills

80% of job success depends on your ability to work well with others and communicate effectively..

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Employee Engagement

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Many leaders are promoted from staff positions of leadership with no training. When you are in a staff position, the goal is individual excellence. Once you are in a leadership position, it is about your team, not you. Learn to lead by influence rather manage by authority. Del has delivered his signature workshop, The 7 Senses of Employee Engagement to thousands of leaders.

Employee Accountability

One of the most difficult things leaders must do is address employee performance issues. Through Del's DIRECT model, you can effectively deliver feedback which leads to positive behavior change. This training is also included in The 7 Senses of Employee Engagement Workshop.

Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict and internal competition, plagues many organizations. Your job as a leader is to build bridges. Learn how with Del's 4-step model of conflict mediation.

Interviewing Skills and Employee Selection

According to Jim Collins in his outstanding book, Good to Great, the first thing great companies do is "get the right people on the bus." Del can train you to interview candidates for not just job skills, but behavior skills.



organizational Excellence

Change Management

People are habit-oriented, control oriented beings. However, in order for organizations to thrive, they must constantly change. This creates a tension and resistance in many companies. Del can help you with the 'people' side of Change Management.


For organizations to thrive, staff must collaborate. Del can train your organization in the 7 Essentials to Effective Teams.

Service Excellence

The main purpose of any organization is to acquire and retain customers. This is done through Service Excellence. Del has developed the 10 Best Practices in Service Excellence You can get it here. He has trained thousands of employees in becoming exceptional in the area of customer service.

Employee Values and Practices

Del has worked with many organization to develop Employee Values and Practices. This establishes employee expectations and promotes a positive, supportive workplace. See a sample here.