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In Control! Personal Productivity MasterClass

In Control Personal Productivity Master Class
An Accelerating Excellence Workshop

Presented by Del Gilbert and Mike May
Includes the full-day workshop, a personal one-to-one follow up session, the Accelerating Excellence Toolkit loaded with resources, and more!

How to Focus on the Important, Manage the Necessary and Enjoy Life Along the Way

  • Do the demands of life stretch your limits?
  • Are competing priorities overwhelming at times?
  • Do you find yourself consistently operating in the urgent and constantly putting out fires?
  • Are you concerned that tasks are falling through the cracks?
  • Do you have trouble meeting commitments and deadlines?
  • Do you gravitate toward easy, rather than important work?
  • Do you get easily distracted by trivial items?
  • Do you find it difficult get started on larger projects?

If you want to be Confident, Credible and In Control, this workshop is for you.
Have you tried time management systems and found them tedious or complex?
The 6-Step Personal Productivity System is simple and flexible enough to adjust to your personality style and your job. It can be used to achieve your personal and professional goals.


"Before I attended the In Control! Workshop, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. My day consisted of putting out fires, things falling through the cracks and not being able to get to important work. Through the In Control! Workshop I was able to develop a system where I make wise choices daily on how to handle emergencies and interruptions and get to the important work. My days now are less stressful and more rewarding.”
- Donna Sansoucie, Talent Acquisition Manager
Home Health Foundation

What you will learn:

  • A simple way to capture all your necessary tasks so nothing slips through the cracks
  • A system to organize your tasks so you are not overwhelmed
  • How to determine your highest priorities
  • How set yourself up for success through 15-minute weekly planning
  • How to develop a daily game plan so that you work on your highest priorities and still accomplish necessary day-to-day tasks
  • How to determine whether to immediately address current issues, defer, or delegate them
  • How to overcome procrastination and deal effectively with distractions like social media, email and casual visitors
  • How to make time for important relationships and activities that re-charge you and enhance your life.

What you get as a Bonus:

  • A comprehensive professional workbook that will serve as a valuable resource for years to come
  • A one-on-one follow up session to maximize your progress
  • The Accelerating Excellence Toolkit with numerous templates and resources to set you up for success
  • Recommendations on simple, time-saving techniques and apps
  • A copy of the book Deep Work by Cal Newport

This workshop is not about time management, it is about personal effectiveness.

If you implement the practices in this workshop, you will:

  • Enjoy more peace of mind knowing that you are in control
  • Increase your productivity by learning how to create periods of power focus
  • Enhance your effectiveness by delivering results
  • Increase your credibility by beating deadlines and following through on commitments
  • Experience more fulfillment and confidence by aligning your actions with your
  • goals and priorities
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